5 Tips for Running Safely and Comfortably

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Running is a simple sport when it comes to a sporting activity as it does not require you to wear specialist gear. You just need a decent pair of trainers and women would need an appropriate sports bra, and climate related running gear. One can choose to run in any clothes, but it is always better to wear comfortable clothing during running. The only thing that you need to be clear about is how much money you would want to spend for a comfortable running clothes for women. Some tips for running safely and comfortably are as follows.

Be Visible: It is important to be visible no matter what time of the day you plan to run, especially to drivers. Womens running clothes should be bright colored like white, orange, etc. Whatever time you plan to run, make sure you wear reflective clothing. Girls athletic shorts and many of the running accessories have reflective pieces on them, it does not harm to wear more of them. A reflective vest can make you visible to the drivers. If you plan to run only during day light, just wear clothes that help you stay cool-T-shirts, shorts and socks etc. but if you are training for a marathon or a half marathon, you would be running in all weather conditions for longer duration and so you may want to invest in appropriate clothing.

When it comes to running accessories, every runner must invest in a good pair of running shoes. Women runners should invest in a correct-fitting sports bra as running is a high impact activity. Another important accessory for running is the socks. Of course you can wear any kind of socks, but it would be better if you could invest in a pair of socks that fits well as a well-fitting socks can keep your feet dry, warm and provides you with cushioning and support. Many manufacturers claim their socks to improve running performance. Sometimes long distance running can cause blisters on your feet which can make running very painful, but there are many kinds of socks designed to specifically address this issue and reduces the blister formation.

Another tip for running safely and comfortably is to invest in a pair of shorts which are made of polyester or nylon and reduces the friction with your skin. It is better not to buy cotton T-shirts and instead made of wicking fabrics, dri-fit fabrics which does not hold the sweat. The shape and fit of your T-shirts and shorts should be your own personal preference, but it is good to go in for those, which make you feel comfortable while running. Tops that are specifically designed for running reduce chaffing during running.

Weather Specific Clothing: During warm weather conditions, you will need less clothing and it would be good to go in for vests or crop tops instead of T-shirts. Always finish your runs before 9 am or after 4pm when the sun’s rays are not very harsh. The type of clothes worn can affect your comfort. Cotton though is cheaper absorbs sweat as you run and retains moisture, thereby making it heavy and wet during exercise. Also, cotton T-shirts have rough and uneven stitching which can cause bleeding in extreme cases and chaffing.

Another tip for running safely and comfortably is to buy wicking fabrics while running. These are synthetic fabrics designed to draw the sweat away from your skin to the outer surface and can evaporate easily. The clothing in turn will remain light and dry and such clothes also have other features like mesh inserts to give you more ventilation.

Running in Cold Weather: Similar to hot weather conditions, running in cold weather conditions requires certain type of clothing. Layered clothing (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Layered_clothing) is the key to stay comfortable while running in cold weather conditions as air is trapped between the multiple layers of clothing and acts as an insulation. As you warm up, you can take the layers off of you. It is better to wear a wicking fabric such as polyester or nylon to draw the sweat away from your body. This should preferably be a snug fit and should not be too tight or restrictive. The second layer can be a long sleeved top. The third layer depends on the extremity of the cold weather. If it’s very cold and windy, choose a windproof, water resistant jacket as a third layer. There is a lot of heat lost through your hands and feet, so it’s important to wear gloves when it’s very cold.

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