Elliptical vs. Treadmill: What is the Difference

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If you are thinking about purchasing exercise equipment for your home, you may be wondering if there is a difference between an elliptical trainer and a treadmill. There are, in fact, several key differences between these two machines.

The first and most obvious difference is that the elliptical provides a workout that is virtually impact free. The smooth rotation of the pedals erases the foot strike effect you feel from walking, running or jogging on a treadmill. Those concerned about joint impact while training or those with mobility issues due to joint pain will find that an elliptical provides an excellent, impact free cardio-vascular workout.

Runners that train to race tend to favor the treadmill as the action and foot strike are more in keeping with what the runner feels while training outdoors. However, the elliptical may also benefit the avid runner. Dedicated runners tend to suffer muscle or foot injuries (often due to overtraining). If the runner’s doctor’s orders allow for light training, the elliptical may be a way to keep up cardio fitness while allowing the injury to heal.

Elliptical vs. Treadmill

Another difference between the treadmill and the elliptical is the handles. Elliptical trainers have long handles that the user pushes and pulls in tandem with the motion of their feet. In addition to providing balance and stability, these handles can be used to ramp up the intensity of the fitness routine and sneak in an excellent upper body workout. Many elliptical machines have settings that increase or decrease the strength needed to move the handles. Having to push and pull with force will help to quickly build up the muscles in your arms and upper body. Engaging the upper and lower body simultaneously exponentially increases the value of your workout.

When it comes to space saving options, treadmills tend to be a better choice. Those living in smaller spaces such as condo units appreciate the fold-and-store option many treadmills offer. There are virtually no options for folding up an elliptical machine and storing it under the bed while not in use!

Both the elliptical and the treadmill will offer you health benefits that can increase your length and quality of life. Deciding which machine is best for you will depend on your ultimate fitness goals, your mobility, your space requirements, and your personal preferences. Whichever machine you choose, the day your foot touches the pedal or the track is the day you start walking your way to a healthier future.

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