Exciting Exercise Videos

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Despite being known throughout the 80s as a compilation of goofy plyometrics and neon waist, arm, and headbands, exercise videos have recently made a return as one of the best ways to get in shape without getting out of the house. Thousands of videos have been released with new ways to experience old ideas. Where pirating videos was once reserved for summer blockbusters, burnt copies of the newest exercise craze are just as popular, sometimes even offering the same out-of-focus camera work.

No matter how new and revolutionary, the same problem persists with all exercise videos: it’s the same routine over and over. If an athlete uses the same exercises consistently without changing up his or her routine, the body becomes used to the movements, and the muscle gained and fat lost begins to decrease over time. Creativity in a workout regiment helps surprise the body with new movements it’s not used to, allowing for higher gains with changing routines.

There’s also the issue of customization. Most exercise videos are released with a broad spectrum of exercises that will appeal to a mass audience. But most people purchasing these videos want improvement in very specific areas and don’t know how to turn a broad hour-long workout into an efficient fifteen minutes of focused attention towards their goals. So not only do the rewards of the exercise diminish over time, but some or most of the exercise routine won’t specifically target the viewer’s needs.

That doesn’t mean that exercise videos have to go the way of the scrunchie, however. With the advent of the Internet, workout plans are now more prevalent than ever, and there’s never any need to stay with the same workout any longer than it’s effective and energizing. There are even sites that are employing trainers to get in touch with aspiring athletes, offering a variety of videos depending on the trainee’s goals. Some even offer video customization, creating one routine from smaller samples that specializes in specific goals, such as weight loss, increased cardiovascular ability, and creating defined musculature. Being able to talk with a professional and educated trainer makes all the difference in having a workout that is not only effective but enjoyable, rather than making gains in places you never knew about and never wanted.

Discovering the right exercise videos for your body doesn’t necessarily mean that exercising will be easier or faster. However, it does mean that you’ll certainly be working towards your goals in a way that best suits your physiology. And don’t feel that the best workout will necessarily be the one that’s most difficult; there are many exercise routines out there to choose from, many with different movements that are more comfortable for certain people and some that bring in dance and martial art characteristics.

Do your body a favor and give it the specific attention it needs through specialized exercise videos. And while you’re at it, throw out the old glittering spandex onesie. Because that is definitely not doing anyone any favors.

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