The Importance of Ab Workouts for Men

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When most men dream of achieving the perfect body, washboard abs are pretty high up on the list of must-haves. Models and actors are constantly showing off their own abdominal six-packs in all their rippling glory, but strengthening this group of muscles is more important than you might think. It is important to look beyond the appearance of the surface muscles, and focus on the underlying abdominal muscles to be both strong and flexible. Ab workouts for men will not only strength the muscles, but might also improve posture and balance, ease back pain, and lengthen life spans.

Because the abs are attached to the spine and pelvis, they help to balance your back in good posture. If your back is not supported in good posture by strong abs, it will usually result in back pain. It often takes conscious effort to maintain a good posture, but ab workouts for men can help. The easiest way to strengthen your abs and maintain a good posture at the same time is to sit on an exercise ball when at your desk on your computer. This forces you to sit straight, making your core work to keep you upright.

WorkoutsforMenWithout abs, standing, walking, and even sitting would be impossible. Your centre of gravity is located roughly just below your belly button; therefore, your abs play an important part in keeping you balanced. One ab workout for men that can help improve balance is to simply roll the hips forward, backward, and side to side while sitting on an exercise ball. It is important to keep the stomach muscles pulled inward during these motions.

Studies show that a strong core, of which the abs are only one small part, can lengthen a life span. It is said to be the only true fountain of youth. A strong core will not only look and feel good, but it might also help prevent diseases like cancer, Type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. Though the exact correlation between abs and the prevention of disease is still being researched, a recent Canadian Fitness Survey found that weak abs might lead to a higher likelihood of mortality. Ab workouts for men that strengthen the abs appear to protect against many chronic disease. The best two yoga poses for all-around strengthening and toning of both the lower and upper abs is the Chaturanga Dandasana (Four-Limbed Staff Pose) and the Plank Pose. The Navasana (Boat Pose) also helps to strengthen all four ab layers, especially the lower abs.

There are many different ab workouts for men that will strengthen the abdominal muscles and give all the benefits of a strong core. Some require no equipment at all while others require an exercise ball (as already mentioned), free weights, a medicine ball, or other gym necessities. Many exercises can also be done at home during a free few minutes (like simply sitting on the exercise ball throughout the day), with little or no preparation.

Spiderman plank crunch ab workouts for men begin in the traditional plank position with forearms on the ground and body perfectly straight. You then bring your right knee forward toward your right elbow, and then return to plank position. This repeats with your left side for one complete rep. This exercise is ideal because it exercises the entire core.

Like a few of the other ab workouts for men, ball rollouts require the use of an exercise ball. Exercise balls are often very inexpensive, but can be used in a variety of strength training workouts. For a ball rollout, you kneel on a mat with your hands on the exercise ball with a straight back. You then roll the ball as far away from you as you can and rol back. It is easier on the lower back than some other core exercises, but can really benefit the lower abs.

There are more benefits to ab workouts for men than simply having a six-pack to show off at the beach. Strong abs can lengthen your life considerably, and a variety of workouts can be done in the comfort of home with little or no equipment. There are many resources available for finding workouts that target the core to increase balance, posture, and lifespan.

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